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Madison confronts Jesse in his office. She announces she has the security tapes from the D.C. hotel. She boasts she saw her husband's hired hooker.

Jesse denies that she was there to have sex with the D.A.

He and Zach explain Randi's past relationship with Henry and Jesse insists that Randi was there to convince him to leave her alone.

Jesse sends Zach away and tells Madison that her husband tried to rape his daughter. He challenges her not to allow the law to rape his daughter.

Handing him her husband's $10 million life insurance policy, Madison asks him to make sure she gets the money. Before she walks out, Madison reveals that she destroyed the security tapes.

David suggests to Amanda that the reason both he and she feel connected to Liza's baby is because it really is there baby.

She doesn't believe him and walks away.

After Tad fails to show for their lunch date at the country club, Taylor confronts him at his place. Apologizing, Tad assures her that he is definitely interested in dating her.

The two then realize how miserable they both are. Fed up after being chastised by David, Brot quits his job.

Confronting him about the incomplete autopsy done on Henry, Angie demands that Jesse tell her the truth about the D.A.'s death or else.

Kendall's not happy when Liza refuses to back out as her attorney and then goes through a run through of her testimony. Later, Kendall asks Zach if he slept with Liza to get her to agree to be her attorney.

He lectures her about who left whom months ago. She wonders why they can't just love each other. After getting a chance to hold Liza's baby, Amanda asks Jake to tell her he didn't give Liza her newborn.

David gets the DNA test results.

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