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Marissa urges David to make an overture to Krystal but he claims it's too late. Annie says goodbye to her daughter and asks her not to say anything to her dad.

Ryan's curious about why Emma locked the door.

Later, Erica claims that Annie is getting Emma to lie and urges him to take his daughter and leave town with her tonight.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Annie can't go back inside while JR and Adam argue. Scott catches her outside and learns that she went outside for a walk after removing her ankle monitor.

Scott covers for her and helps Annie explain why she was outside the house. Later, Scott argues with JR about Adam and Annie's relationship.

After cutting off her ankle monitor to summon him to the mansion, Annie offers Willis a deal, promising him everything he needs to prove Kendall guilty in exchange for dropping all charges against Annie.

Willis is suspicious but Adam points out a conviction would give him a lock on the D.A.'s seat. Willis agrees and Annie reveals that her daughter saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

He explains that Annie will get her deal once Kendall is convicted. Hearing Kendall wants to plead guilty, Liza promises her and Zach that she will fight to the end for her innocence but Kendall won't change her mind.

Liza then convinces Willis to offer a plea bargain for her client which may put her in prison for 5 to 10 years. Erica is outraged to hear about her daughter's decision while Ryan blames Zach for giving Kendall the idea.

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