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Jake introduces Tad to Trevor, who is held by Amanda. Tad figures out that Jake lied to Amanda and also to Liza. Jake defends his actions.

Amanda continues to beam until Taylor enters and asks who the baby is.

After explaining what he's done, Jake admits he wants to keep Amanda and her baby in town, hidden from David. Taylor offers her help.

Marian lashes out at Liza for being Kendall's attorney and threatens never to talk to her again if she doesn't quit her client.

Scott interrupts and tries to convince her that if Kendall shot his dad, she must have been out of her mind.

Scott mentions getting rid of Stuart's things but Marian claims she can't go to the Chandler attic because it's the scene of the crime.

Admitting he's going to keep Emma home from camp, Ryan tells Erica that he is going to find out why she thinks that Kendall killed Stuart.

After Adam heads over to ADA's office, Annie circles the Thanksgiving date for her wedding to Adam and then imagines attacking Kendall with a fireplace poker.

Scott finds her armed with the poker and she lies about what she was doing. When he mentions going up to the attic, she tries to stop him and then decides to help him.

In the attic, Annie flashes back to that deadly night when she spots a handkerchief on the floor. She remembers telling Emma to forget what she saw.

Willis announces to Liza, Zach and Kendall that he has taken the plea bargain off the table because he now has an eyewitness to Stuart's shooting.

He warns Liza to get her client ready for trial and then cowers when Zach tries to attack him. Later, Willis tells Adam about the deal and warns him to make sure Annie continues her therapy because she has "serious issues."

When Willis calls, Erica tells Adam they've got to take Emma and run.

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