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Finding A.D.A. Willis outside Ryan's place, Jesse laughs that Annie told him Emma saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma cowers as Kendall talks her way into the cabin.

Erica and Ryan are hiding the girl there.

Emma screams that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Erica sends her daughter home and urges her to stay away. Unaware she's hiding a cellphone, Ryan talks with Emma about Kendall and is taken aback when the girl asks if Kendall is going to shoot her.

Though Annie claims in front of Adam she's not afraid of anything, Zach warns her that Emma may not testify.

As Jesse arrests him for trespassing, Annie whispers that Kendall will get exactly what she deserves. At the station house, Jesse explains he's not under arrest and warns Zach about the new eyewitness.

Back at the mansion, Annie is upset when Adam shows her diary that he read and has questions about. She covers by telling him that when she saved his life, he also saved hers.

When Kendall vows to prove Emma's lying, Zach orders her to back off.

When Liza refuses to go out for a walk with Tad, he works hard to distract her inside the house as he keeps her from finding Amanda with her baby.

Running out of tricks, Tad suddenly kisses Liza who finally leaves. When Amanda wonders how she'll be able to take care of her baby and keep it a secret, Taylor promises her help.

Tad arrives with a room full of baby items, admitting he's got the rest of Jenny's things in his car and offers to stay with Taylor whenever she needs help.

Jesse tells Annie that he thinks Emma is telling the truth but Annie calls him a liar so he complains about the rich getting away with murder.

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