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Randi complains about more stomach pains. Frankie runs to get his mother. Angie assures him she'll be okay. Frankie guesses that she's losing their baby.

Later, as Jesse arrives, Annie explains that Randi suffered a miscarriage. Jesse runs to the hallway and starts pounding the wall, telling himself that he did this for the baby.

Angie demands the truth about what he has done. Unable to get Emma to stop covering her head with a pillow, Ryan enlists Jake's help in trying to calm down his daughter.

Jake gets the girl to look at him and later, psychiatrist Dr. Meyer introduces herself to Emma. Eric and Ryan are outraged when Willis arrives and shows a subpoena that allows him to question Emma.

Hearing Zach is behind this, Erica vows to take care of him herself. Pressed by the ADA for the name of the person she saw that night, Emma grabs some chalk and writes "Mom" on the wall.

Though Zach tries to convince her to stop thinking she killed Stuart even though she has no memory of it, Kendall tells him that Stuart came to her. Knowing she was caught talking to herself about marrying him, Annie insists that her love for him grows everyday.

She shuts down the security camera and asks Adam to marry her. Pointing out his many failed marriages, Adam turns her down and she plays up being hurt, telling herself later that she will marry him.

Hearing a noise on the terrace, Annie walks outside and then is shocked to hear a gunshot. She stares through the window at Adam.

Meanwhile, a gun-toting Zach hides. While taking care of the baby with Tad, Taylor realizes that she wants to be a mother.

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