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David confesses to Krystal that he misses her. As they talk, he's distracted by the sound of a baby crying. He approaches Liza's baby carriage.

She insists that he stay away from her baby.

David points out it looks like her baby has a fever but Liza orders him to back off and walks out. Jake sends Amanda to meet with Dr. Samson to talk about her feelings about the baby "she lost."

He then opens up to Joe about wanting to feel needed.

Later, David is curious to find Jake so concerned about Liza's baby and asks if the it was properly examined at the hospital after the birth.

Jake assures him the baby was.

Back with him, Kendall denies to Zach that she ran away.

He reveals that he went to D.C. to confront the D.A.

Zach confronts Madison about her husband but she reminds him that she's done with her husband and could not care less that he's not answering his door or telephone in D.C. Frankie blames it on his bruised and injured fingers when Randi pulls back from his embrace.

She assures him it's not and then surprises him with the news that she's pregnant. Frankie is thrilled and wants to tell the world but she asks him to hold off for awhile.

However, when Zach approaches her about North, she nervously reveals she's pregnant. Frankie's curious about her "slip" but when Jesse and Angie arrive, he spreads the good news.

Zach gets word about a car at the bottom of a ravine outside D.C. with it's driver burned beyond recognition. He eyes North's driver's license and runs to tell Kendall.

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