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Colby hears Jake and Liza discussing that he was supposed to be her father, not Adam. She runs back to the mansion.

There, she is disgusted to hear Erica and Adam gushing over each other.

After Erica leaves, Colby confronts Adam about Jake and he nervously admits what he did years ago.

Adam assures her that he loves her but didn't tell her because Liza took her from him.

Meanwhile, Jake assures Liza that if they do "this thing," the baby will be hers and gives his promise. Liza overhears Adam asking Colby to forgive him and realizes she knows the truth.

The two sit down with their daughter and talk about how things went wrong so many times but that having her was the best thing that happened between them.

Unable to be with David anymore, Krystal ends up at Tad's place where she explains to Opal why she needs to be with her friend tonight.

She's relieved when Tad embraces her and welcomes her home. After she confirms that she's done with David, Tad insists that she stay with them for the time being.

Both Opal and Krystal both warn him about moving this quickly.

Tad assures them he knows that she came back to be with the girls and states that they are just friends.

When Jake hears what he's done, he's given to thought when Tad points out that children like having both of their parents with them.

Kendall visits with Zach and asks if he killed Stuart.

After she assures him she didn't kill him, Zach confesses that he didn't either and said he did to protect her.

Visiting Amanda in her hospital room, David denies that he enjoys hurting people. He explains that he sets traps for people before he himself is trapped.

She urges him to bring Marissa into his life and leave her baby alone.

Amanda talks with Jake about her chat with David and he later finds an interesting note on the Internet.

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