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JR is curious about Adam's new friendship with Annie. The hospital calls to report Annie's in pain, and he asks Adam why they called.

Ignoring the question, Adam orders his son to drive him to the hospital immediately.

There, JR warns Erica about Adam's obsession with Annie. Angie orders Aidan out so that she can treat Annie's infection from the stab wound.

When Aidan warns Ryan that he thinks Annie is still unbalanced, Ryan guesses he's changed his mind about her because of her new friendship with Adam.

Though Liza urges him to keep his mouth shut, David tells DA North and Jesse what happened to him the night Stuart was killed.

Admitting he was in the tunnels with a gun, he explains that Kendall tripped over him in the garden before the shot was fired.

Calling him a liar, Jesse describes his own theory that David picked up Kendall's gun on the terrace and used it to shoot Stuart.

David lashes out at the top cop and admits that he did return to the house and saw Liza standing over Stuart's body.

After David leaves, Liza explains that she came for the letters and offers to show them to Jesse later.

North insists she write a new statement confirming she saw Kendall on the terrace with a gun. As they wait for Ian's surgery to be over, Zach promises Kendall that he won't allow her to be framed for Stuart's murder.

Showing off their marriage license, Amanda and Jake ask Tad to marry them. Tad turns to the Internet and is ordained so he can perform the ceremony. But, just as the ceremony gets underway, David interrupts and announces his objection.

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