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Scott tells Colby he's responsible for the death of his father. He claims his actions have brought tragedy to the family.

Colby talks with Pete about all that she has learned about her parents.

Offering his own parental situation as a source of vital information, Pete encourages her to have a relationship with both of her parents.

Zach announces to Jesse that he wants to recant his confession.

He tells the top cop and ADA North that while he did see Kendall with a gun the night Stuart was shot, he knows she could never shoot anyone.

He also states that he doesn't know who shot Stuart.

Later, Jesse announces that Zach is free to leave. Marissa stops by to see David and finds him drunk and bemoaning his sorry life.

He cries that Stuart died instead of Adam.

Marissa calls Krystal who hurries over and sends Marissa away.

As David continues to rant, Krystal tells him this is his fault and insists that he stop involving Marissa.

Told she is seven months pregnant, Ryan finds it hard to believe when Kendall suggests that Zach may be the father of Liza's unborn baby.

Disgusted to find Liza is now living at the Yacht Club, Erica warns her never to hit her again or she'll press charges.

Erica then boasts to Kendall of her plans to go find the proof that Liza killed Stuart. Kendall is shocked when Zach arrives at Ian's bedside.

He promises to find the killer to protect her because "Ian needs his mother." Later, Colby catches Erica snooping in Liza's room. Marissa runs to Scott and tells him that she knows who killed his father.

He rushes over to confront David and finds him manhandling a frightened Krystal and when he boasts that she is his wife, Scott punches him.

Jack warns Ryan that he can't lie on the stand to protect Kendall who may go to prison if they don't find out who shot Stuart.

Ryan runs back to Kendall and tells her and Zach that they should marry so he doesn't have to testify against her.

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