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Annie swings and aims the gun she found in the desk at Adam. Ryan and Erica rush into the Chandler living room.

Ryan's voice startles Annie who drops the gun, causing it to fire. As Ryan grabs the gun, Annie insists she found the weapon while Adam tells Ryan and Erica they have no right being there.

Ryan warns Adam to put the gun someplace safe and then takes Erica away.

When she complains that they should have called the police, he somberly reports that he thinks Annie may have killed Stuart.

Aidan secretly listens using the electronic listening device and hears Annie desperately convince Adam that she wouldn't hurt him.

Erica returns to warn Adam about Annie.

Later, knowing Erica is watching, Adam kisses Annie. Aidan tells Ryan they must prove Annie killed Stuart.

Jake and Liza talk Amanda into leaving them to deal with the impending birth.

After Tad talks his way out of a ticket from a cop, he successfully delivers the baby through a window. As Liza fears that Amanda will recognize her baby, she's relieved to see the scheme fooled her too.

Tad then fakes chest pains to convince the paramedics to forget about Liza and Jake insists they take him to the hospital instead.

Liza tells Colby she's decided to name her baby Stuart.

After Krystal explains to Marissa why she and David were comforting each other, David notices how close JR and Marissa are and asks what's going on. Marissa is quick to defend JR as David warns her that he's a loser.

Later, JR apologizes to her for kissing her, admitting he was thinking about Babe when he did so. After Angie pronounces him well, Tad runs into Taylor who admits she gave Brot back his ring. Tad then asks her out to dinner.

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