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Aidan suggests to Adam it's time for him to leave. Comforted by Adam's promise, Annie finally asks Aidan to go.

After reassuring her about his plan to fake her baby's death, Jake awkwardly proposes marriage to Amanda and she happily accepts.

Admitting she's moving out of the Chandler mansion, Colby asks her mother for a favor and Liza quickly agrees to let her move in with her.

Embarrassed, Colby explains that she has a roommate already and wanted her to cover the deposit. Liza agrees.

Spotting her spilled suitcase, Adam pleads with Colby not to move out but JR assures her that she is doing the right thing.

She then warns Adam that she will never forgive him for keeping her mother's letters from her. Marissa tries to protect her father as Jesse questions David about the night Stuart was killed.

He eventually brings David down to the station house and demands the truth. There, David claims he's being framed.

Liza suddenly appears and offers to be his attorney. Jesse finds proof that David was near the Chandler terrace that deadly night.

Guessing Jesse is getting nowhere with the investigation, Zach and Ryan approach the D.A. and try to convince North that David is the prime suspect.

North refuses to drop Kendall as a suspect and, boasts that in spite of Zach's hurry-up marriage, he can still put Kendall in prison.

Telling Angie that she left David, Krystal worries that Marissa is getting too close to her father.

Hearing Ian's strong enough for surgery, Kendall rejoices in Zach's arms as a disappointed Ryan watches.

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