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Adam falls to the living room floor, as Jesse enters the mansion with two of his officers. He finds Adam's lifeless body - and a hole in a window.

Aidan slips into the mansion and finds some blood on a floor in another room.

Spotting someone out on the terrace, Jesse yells at them not to move but when the person tries to run, Jesse shoots him and is shocked to find a bloodied Tad lying on the terrace tiles.

Opal and Krystal arrive next and are caught by an officer looking at Adam. Scott enters and is stunned to see his uncle dead.

He finds JR and tells him what's happened. JR rushes upstairs to check on Little A and finds Aidan in the kids' bedroom.

Crying, JR confirms that he saw Annie earlier.

After Aidan jumps out the window, JR heads downstairs and tells Jesse that Aidan killed Adam and was working with Annie who probably took a missing Emma.

Zach is trapped by the police and shoots a round off before giving up. Ryan catches Kendall outside and stuns her with the news that Ian is alive. He offers to drive her to the hospital.

There, he cleans the mud off her shoes and then tells her that Zach shot Adam.

Fearing Adam will tell the police he saw her with a gun, Kendall wants to go tell Jesse what she did but Ryan vows to silence Adam only to learn later that he's dead.

Also at the hospital, David mentions Adam is dead and asks Gayle to be his alibi for this evening.

She agrees as long as he will spend the night with her. Kissing her, he promises it will happen soon. Aidan rushes to Ryan's place in hopes of finding Annie there with Emma.

Ryan heads to the Chandler mansion to search for Emma. As a doubtful Jesse questions Zach's claims about what he did, he leaks that Ian is alive. While Tad is prepped for surgery, David refuses to allow Jake to scrub in for the procedure.

Approaching Kendall, Erica claims that she's been soaking in a bath with her phone off and acts shocked to hear Adam is dead. Seeing her react, Kendall guesses she already knew.

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