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From his hospital bed, Tad greets Liza with a kiss ... and laments that he didn't father the baby she's carrying.

The two have a laugh about his antics with her and her mother but then Liza worries what Marian will do once she hears that Stuart is dead.

Jake won't allow it when Liza offers to take Amanda's baby as her own once it's born.

David stuns Krystal when he regrets that he didn't take Adam out instead of relying on a "long, drawn-out plan."

Angie interrupts and shows him Adam's pill bottle, warning that the label was forged and that residue inside shows a different substance than what was prescribed for Adam.

Krystal privately accuses David of drugging Adam and asks him to stop. Ryan anxiously shows Jesse Emma's toy as proof she was in the Chandler attic.

Annie revives Adam after he collapses in the penthouse basement and asks Aidan to take him to the hospital.

Later, when Emma tells Annie that she misses her daddy, she calls Ryan and insists that he meet her without the police.

He agrees and is relieved to be reunited with his daughter. Once Aidan joins them, Annie claims that after Emma congratulated her on saving Adam's life, she realized that she had to stop running.

After Ryan allows her to put the girl to bed, Annie calls the police to turn herself in.

Hearing they're running a tox screen on Adam's blood, Krystal urges David to leave town with her but he refuses.

Jake and Angie tell David and Krystal what the test results show and leak that they've started an investigation. Jake warns that David better notify his attorney and start looking for another job.

Adam cries out to learn his brother is dead. Dancing with Nurse Gayle in the hospital hallway, Tad suddenly collapses.

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