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Liza tells Jesse she saw Kendall on the terrace with a gun. Kendall thinks Zach confessed because he thinks she shot Stuart.

Ryan assures Kendall he doesn't think she did it and accompanies her to the courtroom where Zach pleads guilty.

After the Judge orders him to be sentenced on June 3, Zach urges Kendall to go home and take care of the kids.

She tells him she didn't shoot Stuart and asks him to change his plea. Jesse accuses Ryan of lying about his whereabouts when Stuart was killed.

He confirms that Kendall was at the Chandler mansion but lies that she didn't have a gun and that he was with her when they heard the shot.

Jesse arrests him for obstruction of justice and later he advises Zach of what he said. David stuns Krystal by vowing to remain Chief of Staff in spite of the hearing today.

Before he heads in to face the hospital ethics committee, David takes a moment to flirt with a blushing, lovesick Gayle.

Angie and Jake make their case against David but he comes out sparkling clean after Nurse Gayle takes the blame for the pill problem with Adam.

Later, offering her a check, David thanks Gayle for all she has done and offers her a well-paying job in another town taking care of a special patient for him while promising to visit her often.

Liza tries to comfort her mother who mourns the loss of her husband and regrets her life up until she met Stuart.

Krystal's pleased when Marissa tells her that she owes her and David another chance. When David comes home with his good news, Krystal offers her own.

Kendall tells Jesse she was alone when she heard the gunshot and later saw Zach with a gun. He later tells Angie he thinks Kendall killed Stuart.

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