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Liza announces she's taking Adam's daughter away from him. Adam laughs but she claims she wants to save her.

Colby interrupts and blasts her mother.

Erica worries to Kendall about Jesse's refusal to close the Stuart Chandler murder case now that Zach has pled guilty.

Finding Liza threatening Adam, Erica orders the cop at the door to arrest her.

Later, Erica comforts Adam who admits that Stuart was the better part of him. After she leaves him alone, Adam starts crying.

Jesse confronts Zach about his lies to protect Kendall who he knows had the gun that was used to kill Stuart as she stood outside the living room.

He demands that Zach "un-confess" but he refuses.

Liza convinces Jesse to allow her to be the person who tells Zach that she witnessed Kendall with the murder weapon.

She tells Zach that she told Jesse because she had no alibi for the time of the shooting. He demands that she retract her statement or else her secrets will come out. She does so.

Jake worries when a newly-released Tad accepts a ride home from Krystal and fears that he is going to let her back into his life.

After he argues with Jake, Tad surprises Krystal when he offers to move into Wildwind for a few weeks because his place is awfully crowded right now.

David barges in to see Amanda and once again, warns her that he is going to be a father to the baby she is carrying.

Jake, Tad and Krystal arrive and Jake accuses him of paying off someone to escape the ethics committee.

As people gather for Stuart's funeral, Liza admits to Jesse that she recanted her statement because she slept with Zach.

As Kendall lays into her for her words, Jesse arrests Kendall.

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