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Adam's memory returns and he realizes that he shot and killed his brother. Erica asks him what's wrong. As he remembers that Annie found him outside, Adam stares at the floor where Stuart lay.

Zach tries to force Adam to tell them what he's remembered but when the pressure is too great, Adam grabs a handgun. He orders them all to get out and then calls security when they refuse to leave.

Jesse eventually arrives and arrests Zach when he tries to force his way out to hunt down Adam who has slipped out into the night. Though Zach is behind bars, Jesse hands him a cellphone he can use to write notes to Kendall.

Adam ends up at his brother's grave where he falls to his knees and starts crying over what he did. Stuck in the freight elevator, Annie kisses Scott and then claims that she needs his help with Adam.

He wonders aloud how kissing him is going to help Adam. The two finally escape and after hearing that Adam has his memory back, Annie finds Adam at the grave.

Hearing him claim he has nothing left to live for, Annie states that he has her. Back at her place, Liza gives Bailey a hard time about calling Corinna in to babysit so she could hook up with her boyfriend.

Bailey lies that she didn't contact Damon but when Liza correctly guesses what the teen has been going through, Bailey runs back to ConFusion and kisses Damon.

However, when Damon talks about his plans for them to have fun, she claims that her life has changed.

David approaches Liza about their friendship and, warning about the risks involved, asks if she's interested in taking it further.

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