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Marissa talks with Tad about JR's sudden desire for a child. JR arrives for his cancer support group and discovers that Trent died.

Marissa worries that JR's doing this so she'll have his baby after he's gone but Tad disagrees and suggests a baby could give him another reason to fight.

When JR arrives, he stuns Marissa by admitting he's changed his mind about having a baby.

Tad stops him form having a drink which causes JR to lay into him for suggesting that he can beat his cancer.

Tad and Marissa find JR's doctor and learn about Trent's death. Later, she reports that JR's in remission.

After Annie urges a desperate Adam that to live for her sake, Ryan and Erica arrive. She grabs Adam's gun as he runs off and demands that they stay.

As she cries that the person who shot Stuart will have to pay, Ryan reaches out and slowly takes the gun.

At the station house, Erica and Ryan update Jesse but when he presses Annie to confess, she asks for a lawyer.

Back at the mansion, a shaken Adam recounts for Scott why he pulled the trigger, admitting he felt like he was outside his body, wanting to shoot "Adam."

When two police officers arrive to question Adam, he states that he did have a gun but was just confused and stressed out by the events of the day.

Hearing this, Jesse tells Ryan and Erica that he must let Annie go. Annie announces that she wants to press charges against Erica and Ryan.

Later, Ryan wonders to Jesse and Eric if Adam shot his brother.

Still hiding at the abandoned church, Aidan hides a message from Zach to Kendall and then sends one back, posing as Kendall as he assures Zach that she's in good hands and is trying to stay warm by "cozying it up."

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