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Jesse watches David announce he's resigning as Chief of Staff of Pine Valley Hospital. Jesse guesses that Angie blackmailed David to replace him.

She doesn't deny using the pill episode to force his hand but admits she's not happy about how she got the promotion.

Scott chastises Annie for lying to Adam about being pregnant. Bringing her a purple gown to wear, Annie boasts to Lucretia that she will be her maid of honor tomorrow.

Lucretia tries to hand the dress back but accepts it and the task when Annie agrees to give her a twenty percent raise.

Marissa wakes up in bed next to JR who smiles and assures her that "nothing's wrong." When she points out that he made so many decisions so quickly, he asks if she made a mistake marrying him.

She offers to give him time to reconsider all the decisions he's made.

JR assures her he doesn't want to be the "jerk" he was before the cancer and wants to be married to her. As Adam prepares to leave the hospital, Ryan accuses him of killing his brother.

Adam points out that Kendall admitted her guilt but Ryan goes on to describe how his decision affects so many people.

As he urges Adam to admit he killed Stuart, Scott interrupts and takes Adam home, ordering Ryan to stay away from his uncle.

Ryan wonders why he doesn't want justice for his father.

Amanda's doctor advises her patient that she should be able to deliver a baby but is warned that the process could take a long time. David hears later that he and Amanda can begin the process in a week or two.

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