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Jake can't believe it when Amanda talks about being honest with David. Zach asks Jake for the name of the drug David gave Adam.

Jake doesn't know what it was.

He then confronts David and suggests that he drug Adam again in hopes of bringing back his memory of what happened that deadly night.

After some thought, David assures Zach he'll handle the pill dispensing when Adam stops by for his appointment today.

Still hiding out, Kendall tells Aidan that his fever has broken. She then describes her renewed relationship with Zach and her hopes for a future with him.

Aidan slips out and steals for her a laptop computer from a police car. After Jake prescribes Adam's heart medication, David manages to distract the nurse and switch pills.

Later, David tells Amanda that he's ready to offer joint custody of their baby with Jake. As she stares in disbelief, David goes on to explain the second part of his proposal is to have another child with her.

Erica tries to trick Annie into heading out of town to meet an exclusive wedding dress designer.

Instead, Annie runs over to Ryan's and slips into Emma's bedroom.

Emma is frightened of her and quickly yells that she is not going back to the mansion. Emma warns her mother that if she tries to force her to go, she'll tell everyone that Adam shot his brother.

Zach surprises Adam at the Chandler mansion.

As a dazed Adam tries to understand what's happening to him, Zach accuses him of knowing that Annie shot his brother.

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