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David assures Amanda he was thinking of artificial insemination in order to have another child but offers to do it "the old fashioned way."

If she's willing, that is.

When she refuses, he offers to give Jake joint custody and also allow her to move back with Jake if she changes her mind. Once David leaves, Jake takes his place.

Hearing the baby offer, Jake is outraged and can't believe that she didn't say "no" immediately.

Insisting that he shot Stuart, Emma tells Annie that Adam is a bad man

Annie states that someone was drugging Adam and that he loved his brother very much. As she goes on, Annie suggests that Adam will buy her a pony but Emma states that she doesn't believe her.

Ryan catches her there so Annie lies that she came to tell her daughter that she's not marrying Adam. Scott blames Zach when he finds Adam is "out of sorts."

Zach denies drugging the man's Scotch and then warns that Annie's going to kill Adam. Scott responds by pulling out a gun.

Zach dares him to pull the trigger. After Scott puts the gun down, Annie arrives in time to hear Zach ask Scott why he's protecting the person who killed his father.

Hearing Adam's troubled, Annie orders Zach out.

When he continues to question Scott, she grabs the handgun and fires into the ceiling. After the security guards arrive, Adam rushes in and is relieved Annie is fine.

Sending Adam up to bed, Annie stuns Scott with the news that the wedding is off because Emma is afraid of Adam. Scott agrees with her that if Adam realizes he shot Stuart, it will kill him.

Aidan helps Kendall get set up on a "Villa Diodati" message board to contact Zach. The two exchange cryptic "poetic" messages.

What happens next? Find out in these All My Children spoilers!

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