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Adam pulls Little A aside and talks about Stuart loud enough for Emma to hear. She asks around for the little girl dressed as a ladybug.

Annie gets her chance to see her daughter.

Emma whispers that Adam seems really sorry he shot his brother. Later, Annie boasts to Adam and Scott that the wedding is going to take place soon.

Scott warns Annie that Adam needs help. Zach has a little surprise for Adam with a "help me Adam" scrawled in red but hides the words when a frantic Adam returns with Scott and Annie.

Denying that she looked away when he removed his shirt because of his scarring, Natalia admits to Brot she did feel sorry for him when she first met him. She adds that now, she "just sees you."

Later, Natalia describes the wonderful qualities she sees in him but is furious when she discovers he removed her spark plugs to keep her at the cabin. Furious, Natalia tells him to walk back to Pine Valley.

David insists on the "no sex with Jake" clause when Amanda and Jake tell him and Liza she's against it. Amanda is outraged that he's also demanding that she live with him at Wildwind.

After a chat with Jake, Amanda changes her mind and agrees to sign a rewritten document tomorrow. She then takes Jake back to his place to have sex.

Bailey's thrilled when Colby shows off the new shoes she bought. She admits that she's been thinking a lot about Damon, the high school hunk who impregnated her. While Colby gets dressed for a Halloween party, Bailey sends a text message to Damon.

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