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Talking about their kiss, Scott assures Annie that he's not moving out. David agrees to keep the baby named Trevor and not David Jr.

David warns Amanda that she must keep their son from Jake as she agreed. However, Opal and Krystal work together to trick David into going to the hospital so that Jake can surprises Amanda at Wildwind.

He offers Amanda a wedding ring. Upset by what happened, David tells Amanda that she can have Trevor or Jake but not both.

When the top person at the network complains to Erica about airing the second half of her African documentary on "New Beginnings," she confirms that in the future, the show will feature more makeovers and other fun stuff.

She also insists that Erica issue an apology on air.

When Erica refuses, she's fired from the TV show. Ryan assures Erica that she supports her decision.

Though she's offered another show by her agent, Erica turns that offer down and comes up with a new idea to help the children in Africa.

Kendall lets Zach know that she's disgusted by his lack of interest in her and wonders aloud if his future is with Liza.

Emma shows up at Zach's place. Liza urges Zach to use Emma to force Annie's hand but he doesn't like the idea. Ryan forces his way into the Chandler mansion, though he's grabbed by security guards as Annie panics.

He demands to know where Emma is and guesses that she took the little girl. Later, Zach offers to set up a meeting between Annie and Emma.

Kendall hears Liza telling her son he may have a father like Zach soon.

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