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Randi asks Frankie to tell Madison he will divorce her. Frankie claims he will never do what Madison demands. Tad tries to keep David busy on camera.

Amanda finds Jake grabbing Trevor, vowing to take the baby away from David.

David eventually catches Jake with Trevor but surprisingly backs off from having Jake arrested as he announces that this fighting over the baby must stop.

He tells Jake to take the baby home for the night.

Jake quietly points out to Krystal that David is "reeling Amanda in." In the ladies room, Natalia smashes one of the mirrors to threaten Madison.

Madison grabs a shard of broken glass and counters with her own threat.

Back with her family, Natalia notices that her hand is bleeding and admits she probably cut herself when she broke the mirror.

Now sporting a cut on her face, Madison orders Jesse to arrest Natalia but he doesn't believe her. He grabs her viciously but Frankie orders his dad to back off.

Touched by her talk about her future, Zach passionately kisses Liza but admits he has too much baggage to be with her. Hurt, she vows never to cry for a man again.

While Ryan works on convincing Annie that she can trust him to protect her, Erica lectures Adam that Annie will soon realize that Ryan no longer wants her.

She suggests that it is possible that Annie may fall in love with him. Annie tricks Ryan into admitting he still thinks she killed Stuart and lashes out at him before running back into Adam's arms.

Adam collapses later on the dance floor.

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