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Kendall boasts to Zach and Jesse that Emma is the key to finding proof that Annie killed Stuart. Erica's producer advises her that while her piece on frica brought tears to his eyes, but it was a disaster in the ratings.

He claims he knows that today's show on makeovers is what their audience wants to see. Seeing Opal and Krystal waiting nearby, Jeff suggests that Erica use them on today's "New Beginnings" show.

She does so but, with Ryan watching from backstage, takes over the show and defiantly brings the 2nd part of her trip on screen after all.

After seeing him with Annie, Adam chats with Scott about his feelings for Annie, admitting he hasn't felt the passion of love since his brother was killed. Hearing Adam admit he's afraid to investigate Annie's love for him, Scott urges him to trust that it's real.

As he leaves and as Annie secretly listens, Adam warns Scott not to betray him. A scheming Zach shows later, complaining to Annie about Ryan.

Handing her drawings from Emma, he continues to suggest a partnership because of their children and Ryan's control over them. Madison threatens Frankie again.

He later offers Randi flowers as an apology for not coming home last night but she wants nothing to do with him.

Upset, Frankie ends up back at the casino where he confronts Madison and claims that he has nowhere else to go.

Jesse catches Frankie with Madison and tries to pull him away. Frankie orders him to back off.

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