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Lola orders a jury view, and takes the jury to the scene of a crime. 

When they get there, however, things take a turn when the police shows up and says there is an active shooter in the area. 

Things take a turn when some of the jurors start to wonder whether the accused was the one who planned it. 

Lola had to fight a gray area to get the point across that it had nothing to do with what happened. 

Emily is stunned when the man she representing admits he has not been to college in a while, saying that he told himself he was still a student so that he would go back. 

Emily manages to fight for him and the court agrees that it is an innocent man. 

Mark turns on Detective Leland when Lola tells him not to cut corners with her. 

He later finds out that she's been hiding things and falsifying warrants. 

This gets her in trouble and she calls her union rep. 

The man Mark is trying gets released, but Thomas tells him that justice was still served. 

Luke and Emily chat about their relationship. Emily says she can't rush into anything while Luke says he's happy to take it at her pace. 

All Rise
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All Rise Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Emily: Once we get the club, the jury gets off the bus and we take them to exactly where you said when the shooting happened.
Dylan: It's going to look a lot different during the day.
Emily: It doesn't matter. Dylan, it's not about what you saw, it's about what you heard.
Dylan: Which was nothing. I heard nothing.

Emily: I'm just getting out of a marriage. I still have to go through a divorce.
Luke: We'll take it at your pace.