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Lola starts to wonder about the court costs from defendants, and does some digging after someone says they will need to reoffend to pay them. 

When she learns that it would be free if she sent the man to county jail, she works out that it will be 16 days. 

However, she then factors in overcrowding and such and finds out that it would be mere hours. 

The man agrees. 

A woman is accused of stealing money from the church. She later reveals her friend, another nun stole it. 

Emily tries to get results, so she puts the original woman on the stand and she admits to taking it. 

Lola lessens it to a misdemeanor because all of the money is returned. 

Mark goes head to had with Amy over a woman who is using herself to get close to rich men who will pay for dinner. 

That does not sit well Mark, and he tries to get her tried. Amy fires back and Mark gets beaten in the court of law. 

But Amy later says she was only doing her job and that he can take her to dinner one night. 

All Rise
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All Rise Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Lola: What are the court costs, anyway?
Sherri: Your honor.
Lola: Court costs on this case.
Sherri: They change all the time. The clerk's office.
Lola: I'll wander over there, stretch my legs a little.
Sherri: Your honor, there's a bench trial in--
Lola: Thirty minutes.
Sherri: I can call down to the clerk's office and have them send over.
Lola: Feeling a little hemmed in. I want to get my steps in and take in the wedding day sights.
Sara: A judge out there on your wedding day is like a butterfly on your hand.
Sherri: Judges are strongly discouraged from using public areas of the courthouse.
Lola: Not a law. Not even a rule.
Sherri: Accepted wisdom.
Lola: Deputy Watkins, does it seem right to you that judges are imprisoned in their chambers, cut off from the general public, and the carrot cake muffins in the cafeteria?
Luke: I can run and get that muffin for you, if you would like.
Lola: You're more afraid of her than me? Fine, maybe I'll go later.

Well, just call me if you ever want to take me on a date. I'll even pay.