New Evidence Affects the Case
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Mark and Luke argue over the donor theory.

Sara supports Darius through the new evidence.

Luke wants more details about the donor.

Emily gets assigned her first juvenile court case. Emily can't get through to Gloria and is frustrated.

Tony helps Mark with the case. They don't want a murderer to go free.

Amy brings Mark dinner and suggests going to the press for the medical records. Mark does not want a bigger circus.

Emily is lost on juvenile court terminology.

Mark needs more time. Lola gives him 24 more hours.

Emily tries to convince Gloria to fight for herself.

Luke got the DNA back, and there were two markers.

Emily gets a reading from the psychic. She and Luke discuss their cases.

Lola learns Rachel is dating Andre.

The detective found the bone marrow donor but died two months ago in a fire.

Charlaine meets with Mark and Tony to discuss how Tony almost choked her to death.

Emily meets with Gloria's sister Maddy and learns Gloria live-streamed the robbery to earn clicks and money to pay for Maddy's ice skating.

Emily asks the judge for leniency. Gloria gets six months.

Andre crashes ladies' night, and Lola realizes she's uncomfortable with Rachel dating him.

Charlaine testified that Carl tried to kill her. Luke countered Carl never owned that kind of car.

Lola denied Charlaine's testimony, but Mark found more similar cases.

Mark and Luke do their closing arguments. Mark portrays an angry killer, while Luke says the prosecution can't prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt.

The jury found Carl not guilty. Everyone is shocked.

Mark still thinks Carl is a serial killer. He and Lola chat in a storage unit.

Mildred thanks Luke. Carl hugs him, reciting Brenda's favorite quote, and Luke looks horrified.

All Rise
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All Rise Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Emily: Well, if you’d like to throw away your life, that’s your choice.
Gloria: I’ll get nine months at probation camp. That’s not my life. You don’t have to be so dramatic about it.
Emily: There were people home., and you had a gun. You could get a lot longer.

Carl: He said he wanted to be anonymous. All this time, I thought God sent me an angel. Now it turns out my angel could be a killer.
Luke: Carl, the entire case is based on circumstantial evidence, and we have a reasonable explanation for all of it.