Through the Looking Glass - All Rise
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Mark presents a case where a former defendant is back, and narcotics were found again. Luke recounts that his client was in an accident, used drugs for pain, and needs help.

Emily is there with resources.

Lola feels frustrated. She receives an invite to a law conference that Dre is hosting.

Both Mark and Robin give her a hard time.

Lola dreams of an AU world where she's married to Dre. Luke invites her to the UCLA reunion. He wants her and Mark to be friends again.

Lola visits Judge Callan in court. Sherri is a lawyer representing Ness, and Lisa is defending Thomas.

Mark is bitter that Lola never came out for his promotion. Chaos erupts as Amy, Luke, and a pregnant Emily enter his office.

Emily is Luke's surrogate, and Amy is the doula.

After the others leave, Lola and Mark exchange words.

Luke drives Lola to a charity event where she's running for president.

Rachel makes an entrance and decides to run too.

Lola begins to miss the legal side of her life.

Lola and Dre arrive and have an awkward run-in with Robin and Rachel at the reunion.

Emily crashed the reunion and is annoyed that Luke is so controlling.

Luke nearly faints from the stress. He and Emily finally connect talking outside.

Lola gives a speech to honor Mark since Lisa got food poisoning.

Sherri and Sara sing a duet, and Emily goes into labor while dancing.

Lola wakes up and finds herself in bed with Robin and Dre.

Lola wakes up for real and makes up with both Robin and Mark.


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All Rise Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Lola: There is nothing going on between Dre and me. I was seeking your professional advice.
Mark: My professional advice is you should pass. We both know Robin’s already mad enough.
Lola: Before you start judging my relationship, how about just focus on your own?

With a repeat offender back in my courtroom, I wonder if I’m really making a difference.