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Julia has a bad dream. Edie and Roxy are exercising

Leon is charged and talks with Edie and Tim.

Leon talks with Julie to try to explain himself. He wants to craft a statement.

Roxy introduces herself to Leon.

Julia visits with Grace at the office and Julia's trying to explain what's going on.

Julia is fired.

Roxy visits Leon with food from his favorite restaurant, but it's not his favorite. He wants to know more about her. She's smitten.

Tim is worried about Edie's relationship with Amanda.

Julia visits them.

Roxy tells Julia their dad's side of the story.

Roxy and Julia have a fight and Roxy leaves. She goes back home.

Roxy and her parents get into a fight and they kick her out.

Julia meets with Grace. Grace tells her she's pregnant.

Roxy is back at Leon's. She wants to go for a ride and has a hack for his ankle bracelet.

Edie is having dinner with Amanda. Amanda finds out Leon isn't in the house and calls Julia. She doesn't care.

Roxy and Leon are back at his office. Roxy and Leon talk about her drug problem.

Julia finds them in his office. 

They get back to the house and Edie holds off the cops. Later she tells Julia she's employed again -- and the boss.

Julia is going to let Roxy stay with her for a month.

Julia goes in the next day and informs everyone she's the new boss.

Edie and Amanda are going at it in court.

Roxy is going to be his babysitter as he's lifted off house arrest.

After court Edie and Amanda agree to meet to fool around.

Leon leaves the courthouse. He meets with Isaac.

Julia catches Amanda and Edie when Tim comes up. She prevents Tim from finding out what's going on.





Almost Family
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Almost Family Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm not going to walk away from the clinic just because of my father's actions.


I don't want to craft a statement. I don't want to help you anymore. I'm done.