Wrong Place - Almost Paradise
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Tommy "The Scorpion" Chow, a Hong Kong triad boss, is coming to Cebu for his destination wedding to yoga instructor Amber Adams. Ike chooses Kai to go undercover at the wedding. Kai drops by the gift shop to beg Alex not to interfere with her undercover assignment. Kai is undercover as a wedding planner. She spies Alex at a nearby table at the resort. She demands that he leave. He is about to when he spots other rival triad leaders arriving. He tells Kai to warn her of the danger but she's not listening. When they get caught, Kai describes Alex as the bride's personal wedding stylist. Amber can tell Alex isn't gay. Kai admits she manipulated Alex into joining the case. Amber and Tommy get married. Amber pulls Alex onto the dance floor. Tommy collapses and dies on his arrival at the reception. A thug gives a syringe toTommy's son Young Chow. The triad leaders hold a conclave. The syringe had cyanide in it. Kai secures a laundry cart to take Tommy's body to the walk-in freezer. Kai brings snacks and drinks into the conclave. Since Amber didn't sign a pre-nup, Alex fears she may be the next target. Kai uses a vent to monitor the conclave.  Alex sneaks out Amber in the same laundry cart. Kai leaves her headset in the vent to check her hunch about Amber. She determines that Amber poisoned Tommy. Ernesto and his two fellow cops take out the four thugs who barge into their surveillance room. Amber suggests using their boat to escape. Kai crawls out through the ductwork. Amber is a black widow who has poisoned four husbands. Amber tries to poison Alex. Kai arrives in time to take down Amber and save Alex. Rita runs the gift shop while Alex recovers. 

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kai: Wow! How do you get a head that big through the front door?
Alex: It's a double door.

Alex: You're going to make a real good blackmailer when you get older.
Rita: Thank you.