Never Meet Your Heroes - Almost Paradise
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August Crowe, a fading country singer, arrives at the airport and is mobbed by fans. A boy steals his cowboy hat. Two cops take him to the Mactan police station. Ike is concerned August might be a target of the Soloco kidnapping gang. Ike shows him surveillance of the gang at the airport about to grab him. Alex agrees to be August's bodyguard. Alex notes the painkiller bottles that fall out of August's bag. Alex voices his concerns about all the pills but August blows him off. August disappears from the hotel bar while Alex is dealing with a sketchy-looking fan. Alex deals with three muggers menacing Alex, who bought a bag of pills. Dr. Patel checks out August for Alex and suggests he get treatment. August asks Alex to take him and his guitar to the beach. Kai determines that the boy who stole August's hat was working with the kidnappers. They catch the kid shining shoes at the airport. He tells them the man who hired him had cauliflower ears. Alex admits to August what his song "Lone Wolf" meant to him when he was undercover. The gang kidnaps August while Alex is battling with one of them. They demand $250,000 for his release. Alex thinks August is being held at an abandoned boxing club. Shelton hands off the money to two men on a motorcycle. Alex locates August at the gym. August sings to distract the kidnappers while Alex gets in position. Kai and Ernesto pursue the two men on foot. They catch both and one says they were hired specifically to abduct August. Alex takes out the two at the gym. Shelton is behind the abduction. August's death will increase the value of his catalog. Alex knocks out Shelton with August's guitar. 

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ike: We brought you here for your own safety.
August: Hell, the only one that needs protection is the kid that ran off with my damn hat.

August, what have you done this time?

Shelton [to August]