Making Contact - Almost Paradise
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Ernesto pulls Alex away from all his frustrations at his gift shop. Chief Ike is running for governor. He wants Kai to be part of Governor Rosales's protective detail but she resists. He wants her to spy on the governor. Ernesto takes Alex for reef eel soup which he refuses. Alex spies the cook Bayani being muscled by a hood. The mobster attacks Alex and regrets it. The gang comes back later and torches Bayani's restaurant. The gangs are shaking down the street-food vendors. The governor has a meeting with Paul Montrose, kicking Kai out of her office. Alex and Ernesto track down the hood who attacked Alex the previous day. Ike also meets with Montrose. Ernesto goes undercover as a vendor and is approached by two gangsters trying to shake him down. He introduces them to Alex who is undercover as a Spanish crimelord. After they defeat the hoods, one says they are just trying to get the vendors to leave. Kai trails Montrose. He has trash inside multiple shipping containers. Montrose is behind the shakedowns and is heading to meet Alex, with Kai still in pursuit. Ernesto intercepts her. Kai feeds Alex what she's learned through his earbud. Alex tells Montrose Rosales is the crime boss while he is the middleman, but he's willing to switch sides. He says the election is fixed, and he can re-fix it. Montrose wants to turn Cebu into a recycling dump. They switch out the absentee ballots then Montrose leaves his thugs to kill Alex. But Ernesto was the "knocked-out delivery man" and they soon take out the pair. Kai gives Montrose a ticket back to Canada. But he decides to bribe Rosales instead. He wires $1 million into her account. Then Kai and Ernesto arrest him on a host of charges. 

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Don't do that, man. Don't play detective with me. I invented detective.

Alex [to Ernesto]

If this election goes south, you and I will both be out of a job by the end of the day. So I'm going to eat my feelings and you and my blood sugar will have to deal with it.

Governor [to aide]