Unexpected Guest - Almost Paradise
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Alex flashes back to 17 months earlier in Barcelona, when his DEA partner Todd Carpenter betrayed him. Alex thinks he sees Carpenter across the lobby of the resort but he disappears. There's a knock at the gift-shop door. It's his estranged teen daughter Evelyn. The Mactan police bust Lawrence Usato, the accountant for syndicate boss Francisco Aguero. Alex's DEA nemesis Walton Zivic plans to extradite Usato to the U.S. Evelyn returns all the support checks Alex has been sending. They argue and reopen old wounds. Alex passes out. Ike, Kai, and Ernesto arrive. Kai and Evelyn bond. Rita gives her amethyst crystal to Evelyn to help Alex heal. Evelyn meets Alex's roommate Diego. She volunteers to deposit his wages at his bank in Bororanco.  Alex and Kai determine there was no one in the other bed. Ernesto gets through to Usato. Evelyn is abducted in front of Alex and Kai. From his memories of Diego, Alex figures out where he lives. He gets armed and goes after Evelyn. Diego reveals where Evelyn is being held. Carpenter has her. Carpenter couldn't kill Alex and he's been on the run ever since. He wants Alex to kill Usato and bring back his ledger in exchange for Evelyn's freedom. The whole police force is looking for Evelyn. Kai asks Alex why he really was there. Alex stages a fake murder of Usato for Carpenter. The day planner is the coded ledger. At Alex's prompting, Evelyn breaks free and the two of them and Kai take out Carpenter's thugs. Carpenter shoots at explosives nearby Alex. But he missed Alex again and Alex wins their extended battle. Aguero gets arrested at the airport. Alex turns Carpenter over to Zivic. Evelyn tells Alex to give the healing crystal back to Rita. 


Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Snowglobes on a tropical island? I like the irony.

Evelyn [to Alex]

Evelyn: Hi, Dad.
Alex: Evelyn?
Evelyn: Surprise!

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