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In Northern Mongolia for the season. Tough environment. Freezing temps and not much in the way of lumbar to build with. Foraging will be a problem this season because of the extreme temperatures. Wildlife is something to think about, but has always been an issue on the show.

Day 1 (10 contestants) Sam (Season 1, 55 days) There are 2 people per square mile. Setting up a temporary shelter and getting a fire is key to survival. They're allowed to take a picture with them to their site and he just pulled the picture out of his family. He's crying already.

Last time he was on the show, his wife was pregnant and he felt a strong urge to go back to his family. That might be his downfall.

Nicole - Season 2, 57 days. She has a good attitude and thinks she found a cold sink. She says the wildlife is what she needs to watch out for pit vipers, Asian black bears and Grizzly bears. You can't snare a deer. It's illegal there. You must use a bow.

Carleigh - 86 days on Season 3. She was pulled because she was too thin and starving last time. This time she's concentrated on catching fish. She has no shelter yet and it's 43 degrees, but she has three fish so far. Looking back at the last time she was on, she was so skinny and frail. There was no way she could stay. This time she put on weight before leaving for Mongolia and sharpened her food finding skills so that wouldn't happen again.

Day 2: Jesse - Season 4, 5 days. He's busy making a shelter. We don't know much about his skill level since he left so early in Season 4. What he can do remains to be seen.

Back to Sam ~ He's calling the wolves. He moved his shelter near the river. Found onions and found a snake. He tried to kill the snake but lost it on Day 3.

Day 3, back to Nicole. She has MS and uses herbal medicines and supplements to keep her symptoms under control. Right now she's collecting ant larvae and is laughing about setting up her own shop to sell ant larvae. She's always upbeat with a positive attitude. She tapped out last time because she felt like her family needed her and she was right.

She goes into why she left last time and how she's ready this time to push her boundaries, but this environment is different from the last. She has major foraging skills and she's good at catching fish. She has to be careful of her MS though and make sure it doesn't flare.

Day 4 - Carleigh. She's still not working on her shelter yet. She's concentrated on food, so she's still fishing. She gets a little careless taking the fish off the hook. The hook whips around and embeds into the backside of her hand. It's in deep. She's freaking out and is trying to pull it out, but she can feel it's stuck in a tendon. She tries to push it through to avoid the barbs, but that doesn't work either.

After trying several methods to remove the hook from her hand, she gives up. 20 hours after embedding the hook in her hand, she taps out for help.

It's a shame. She's even more devasted than the last time she was pulled from the show. Thought she would make it far.


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When you try to push your agenda on mother nature, you're gonna lose. And I lost.


I'm so thankful for this fish. First one!