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Day 29 Dave

Dave's hunting and caught a grouse. He's hungry and is starting to feel the fatigue with the hunger. His 7th grouse. He's feeling the responsibility of killing things. He's talking about the cormorant he shot but it got away. He's going to build an atlat which is a spear thrower, so he can get a cormorant without hurting it and then losing it again. He's concentrating on different hunting techniques. He wants to keep his mind moving so he can stay positive. Out of a depressive state.


Male red deer was keeping him up last night. He's talking about the moose calling each other for mating. His plan today is to maybe fish all day. He's also feeling lack of energy from hunger. He's looking for deer or a lot of smoked fish. Not having food is making things a little more difficult on me. - Randy. He lost 2 fish. He's catching a lot of fish, though. He doubts himself sometimes, but he's surviving and he's been out a while.


He's hearing noises outside his tent and it's very loud. He's worried about it. He's mimicking it. He wants to put his shelter door back up. Why was it down in the first place. He's going outside to check out the noise. He heard something in the grass.

Day 30 Larry

He thinks it was a wild boar last night. He's raised pigs but has never interacted with a wild boar. He's hoping it got caught in his deadfall. He's going to check it. The trap is empty, and the bait is still there. He's talking about when it gets colder. They are gonna need food.


He has clothes hanging up all over. He's not having much success with fishing. He's going to check his fish trap. He's pretty desperate for food. He got a leach. No fish. Another day in paradise, right? - Sam


He got a mouse in his deadfall, so he's very excited to eat. Out here all I think about is food. - Larry

He's working on his net so he doesn't lose any more fish. He made it out of a willow branch and paracord. It very windy. He's getting tired of the environment. The wind is really picking up and blowing his fire around. He's yelling at the environment. Larry is losing it. He's got a bad temper.

The weather has him down, but it looks like he's finishing his net. It looks good. He's going to test it. He's been very successful with his fishing in his river bend. He's trying out his net. Success! He's very happy about that. Refocus on the small things to avoid being overwhelmed. He's proud of himself. He went back to camp and cooked his fish and ate it. 


He's got his fire in his shelter because it's getting cold and he doesn't understand how everybody doesn't have one. He's after a deer now. He's found a trail. He's setting up a tree stand. It's very high up. 20 feet. He's hoping it holds. He's worried about putting his body through stresses at 50, but he wants to stay out there. He feels like he needs to hunt deer in order to stay. He's in his tree stand.


He's in his tent "I look like an old blind albino coal miner." Britt

He's going out to go fishing. The cold is moving in. He isn't having any luck. He thinks the fish may be deeper because of the cold. He's trying to figure out where the fish are going, but having no luck. The cold is playing a big factor in his food finding and fishing.


He's talking about the cold. There is frost on the ground, and he's noticing that the fish are slowing down. He's going for a walk and scouting out new hunting areas because the fish aren't as plentiful. He's going after grouse. He's calling them. He's been trying to hunt with his dad and uncle for the last 7 years, and this year they got it, and randy is gone. He found a grouse. He flew away. He found a red deer skull. 

Day 31 Britt

He's drying out the skin, so he can eat the skin remnants. He's talking about his family and how they clean chicken bones. It's 33 degrees. Britt is warning himself by the fire. The cold is getting to be an issue. 


He's not getting enough food, and he's hurting. He's trying to figure out the fish piece, but can't. He's going to try and make a gill net and see if he can catch fish that way. He's losing a lot of food, and he's craving a lot of food. He's weighting the gillnet down with stones. He's trying to set the willow branch, but the river is too strong. Didn't work. He's frustrated.

Day 32


He's starving. He's cooking up the leeches and a snail. He's worried about eating them. They smell bad. He's deciding whether to throw up or not. They are gross. 


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Alone Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Not having food is making things a little more difficult on me.


Another day in paradise, right?