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Day 35 Britt

Britt is still making jokes in his shelter. He's burning a lot of calories and using a lot of resources. He wants to work on a sled to pull around firewood. He's not ready to go home. He's using pine branches to make the sled. He's fitting them together like Lincoln logs.

He has a family to provide for and that's all he's thinking about. He's planning ahead for the snow and winter.


He's in his shelter and he's lost a lot of weight. He's saying he can't sleep cause he's too skinny. He's going to get water for tea. He's hungry. He's not having any luck finding food. No fish, no grouse. He says his teeth are moving in his mouth. 

He fears that he's going to starve himself, and not realize what he's putting his body through. He's been washing his clothes a lot, so the animals don't smell him when he's hunting. He has no energy. He's wondering how people are going to see him, and he's fighting with his ego. He doesn't want to be hungry. 


He's having a good morning. He likes the cold. He's going to climb a distant hill because he's running low on food. His focus is to get the food situation under control. It's going to take a lot of energy to climb. He's going to stay out and push himself.

"I've been harvesting plants when I can. There's just not a lot of them." Larry. 

He hears wolves not too far away. He found wolf scat. He's trying not to make any noise.

Day 36 Larry

He's uncomfortable, but he keeps going because he needs food. He's enjoying the view. A lot of emotions he's feeling. He couldn't find any food. He loves the beautiful view, and he's happy to be there.


He's talking about the fish and grouse, and how they used to be plenty, but not anymore. He's citing poetry he's writing. "Oh, I'm hungry!" Dave He's been hunting deer, but he's having no luck. He's depleting his nutrients, but he's not getting anything out of the hunt. He's thankful for every day, but he's starving.

"It's tough to just watch muscles on your body disappear." Dave

He's sitting by the river, appreciating the beauty of the river. He's tired of starving. He's tapping out. He can't allow himself to deteriorate again. He doesn't want to push himself too far. He feels okay with tapping out. It feels better to him to tap himself out. He wants to live and be healthy and enjoy life.

He is happy. He wants to make a positive effect on the world.


The wind is blowing hard. He's in his hut. He's going to make Christmas ornaments for his tree. He's singing and telling stories and having a good time. He's thinking about everything he's going to do with the money. He finished an ornament.


He's going to try fishing for a little bit. He's not having any luck. 


He's working on a wooden mug. He's tired of drinking from metal. He's been having a hard time the last few days because he's not going to the bathroom. He's burning a hole in the wood to make a cup hole. He's cutting toward himself for the handle.


After the last season, he had a lot of people come up to him and try to get to know him. He's not eating enough. Grasshoppers are getting harder to find, so he has to try something different. He's working on a fishing lure. He's used to fishing with grasshoppers. He got a hit on his lure.

Then he lost it. "I just lost my lure. Damn!" - Britt.

Sam Day 38

He's carving a spoon, which is something he teaches a class on. He's making these little girl spoons, who cried last time he tapped out. 

He's going to work on the roof of his shelter to make sure it's strong. He's preparing for heavy snow. He still hasn't gone to the bathroom, so he's getting worried. He's worried he's going to get medically pulled if he doesn't go to the bathroom soon.


He's going to eat some dandelions he saved. He's having lots of cravings. "The sweet makes the sour bearable." Larry, He's very emotional out there because he's by himself. He can just be whatever he is because it's just him. He's being very philosophical 

Day 39 Sam

He's working on a stool to sit on. He wants to encourage his body to have a stool. Ha. He's choosing to be out there for his family. He finished making his stool. He's having strong emotions. He's worried he's not tough enough to last. He feels like his adventure is coming to a close.

He's wondering how long he can go. Humans have an expiration date.

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Alone Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

I've been harvesting plants when I can. There's just not a lot of them.


I just lost my lure. Damn!