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Day 20 Britt

It's day and he's watching ants taking a grub. He's talking about the basics of life. He's talking about how the grub has no defense. He's going fishing and using grasshoppers as bait. It's working well. He has a couple of spots where he fishes from. He's very successful at fishing. He caught nine fish in two hours. Now he sees a bear track. Big and small. He's nervous. "My number one fear is being ripped apart by a grizzly. - Britt.

He's eating by the fire.


She's also sitting by the fire and she's hungry. She needs to eat and she can't hunt right now. She's going to try and fish. No bites on her line yet, so she's going to make a spinnerbait to attract the fish. She's saying sometimes the days brag on and she's got to keep busy. She's making things to keep her mind occupied. Jewelry, baskets, knick-knacks. 

She's wondering why the fish aren't biting.


He's lost 24 lbs in 20 days so far. He's concerned about the amount of weight he's lost. He takes a bath in the river. He hasn't had solid food in five days. He's going to have to dig into the trees and eat pine bark. xylem is what he's eating. antioxidant, rich in vitamin c. 


He's in his shelter at night. He made a broom. He hears something.It sounds like a bear. Brown bears are most prevalent. He's getting prepared to fight back in case of the bear barges in.

Day 21


He survived the night. It's grey today. He waited with his bear spray, but nothing came close to his camp. He's seeing evidence of bear activity not too far from his camp. He sees bear claws ripping across the bark of the tree. He wants to avoid a mother with cubs.


He's laying in his shelter and he's very hungry and in pain. He's thinking of picking more dandelions. He's losing weight rapidly, so he's going to get dandelions for breakfast. He's getting head rushes when he stands. Maybe dehydrated or having a heart problem. Now he's going fishing. He needs fish. He's getting aggravated. He finally catches a fish and starts screaming bloody murder. Then he starts getting dizzy. He starts cooking fish. Then he just goes down. Flat on his back. 

He's just laying there. Then he rouses and looks confused. Picks up his camera and stumbles over to his fire. "Well, that was a pretty intense headrush." Larry, He had a brain fog. He kinda lost it for a moment.

He thinks the dandelions are dehydrating him, so he's going to stop eating them for now. He's concerned about the headrush. 


He's peeling and eating more pine bark. He's going to try to dry some of it and make some bread. He still needs protein and fat. It's giving him bad gas. He's worried he's constipated. His goal is to win the money for his family. He's feeling sick. He's worried about his pine bark diet. 

Day 23 Sam

He's getting some water from the tarp before getting busy for the day. He's noticing everything is changing colors now and that means it's going to get cold. So, he's working on his permanent shelter. He's got the framework and he wants to finish the walls. Today is a big day. He's making himself a bed. He learned that a quick shelter is not the way to go. 

He's building the back wall and he's feeling proud of himself. 


He is in his shelter and hears a deer in the distance. He's excited to hear the fall animals. He loves the mountains. Talking about the beauty of it all. He's going across the plains three miles away and up the canyon to hunt. He's losing weight. He's hoping to get a deer. I feel alive when I walk with a bow in my hands. - Dave

He found a game trail. He shoots. He hears various birds chirping. A grouse flew off with his arrow. He caused it to suffer, so he's upset. He's hurting the animals and he's visibly upset. He's trying to decide what to do, push the button, become a vegetarian, keep killing? He's killed five grouse, a squirrel. He's sobbing about the pain he's caused. 


He's in his shelter and he's worn out. He has a headache, abdominal pain, and he's tired. He's pushing through and trying to keep busy. He's going to make flour with the pine bark to make his body work better. His stomach hurts. He may have a bowel obstruction. He's in a lot of pain. He's groaning and talking to himself. He's in bad shape. It like somebody pulling barbed wire out of my stomach. 

Jesse taps. He's crawling around in so much pain. He wants to stay, but he couldn't have just lived on pine bark. He's upset he's letting his family down.


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Alone Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

I feel alive when I walk with a bow in my hands.


Well, that was a pretty intense headrush.