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Day 7, Brooke. Wolves are howling and she is in her shelter. Season 4, 49 days. Grey woves up to 175 flbs. The wolves are loud and you can hear water splashing. It seems close to her tent. "You've really gotta stay on your game with the predators." Brooke. She's talking about finishing her shelter because of the predators and she gets to work cutting logs to build. She's not going to build a log cabin. She lives in Alaska. Last time she was here with her husband. Lack of fish sent her home. She was too thin. They are the ones with the hearth.

She wants to prove she can do it alone this time. She's going to make a firepit inside the shelter. She's collecting rocks and building the firepit. She puts the fire down in the hole. It's not producing too much smoke, but she has to vent a little more cause smoke is building up. She is concentrating on her shelter. It's her number one priority.

Day 7, Nicole. She just took a bath in the river. Shelter is important for her to get done today. She's looking for a ridge pole. She knows she needs to build a shelter to stay warm. Her MS is on her mind and she has to be careful. Northern Mongolia is one of the coldest places in the world, so she's trying to make as warm of a shelter as possible. Dragging those poles is hard work. Her arms are getting tired and she's getting really winded. She doesn't feel right. "My last major attack was in 2010." There are signals to her that she's going to have a bought with MS. She's describing MS and what it feels like to her. It's concerning her. She's not going to let it get her.

Jesse - Day 7. He's already beat his record. He's going out to harvest now and he's on the lookout for pit vipers. He's got his bow. He's collecting alliums (onions). He's collecting as many as he can. He found a snake. He found a pit vipor and he shoots. He got it and cut it's head off. Now he's going to eat it. He gutted it and is preparing to eat it. He's cooking it up. Venom is only harmful if it enters the blood stream.

He's eating his snake and it tastes like chicken. "Danm. It's hard to eat snake. Tastes good. Got a lot of bones." Jesse.

Not a whole lot of meat. 

Day 7, Randy. He's working on building a cabin. season 2, 21 days. He's building with lots of logs and he's never built a cabin before. So this is something new for him. It's coming together nicely. Last time, he lost his ferro rod. He felt burnt out last time. It was the isolation. He regretted leaving. He teaching primitive survival skills. His plan is to keep himself busy this time and work on projects. His shelter is his focus and is most important to protect him from the cold and the weather.

He's going to fill in the gaps between the logs for insulation. He's still feeling good and strong, but he's hungry. He's in good shape.

Day 8, Nicole. She's laying in her shelter. She has MS symptoms right now. She's having a hard time. She is going to do her best and she refuses to leave. she goes exploring and finds wild onions. she can't find some of thie things she uses to manage her MS symptoms. The symptoms come and go. she's hoping wiht breaks and naps she will be ok. She's trying to stay positive. "If I let my dip into the dispair that my body is feeling, than I'm done, and I can't let myself go there." - Nicole.

Day 8, Sam. He's under a tarp and is building a fire. When he was choosing his ten items, he brought things that he knew he couldn't improvise, so it would kind of stretch out his items. He made his own fishhooks. He built a fishing rod. He's not having any luck. 

Day 8, Randy. He's going to his fishing hole with his bow and he's trying to get some breakfast. Walk slow, take your time, and scan the area. He found a bottle and used it to attach a line to and catch fish. He's catching fish every day. He only fishes for 15 minutes a day, so he doesn't overfish the river. He's eating very well. He's got his pot over the fire, cooking his fish and eating.

Day 8, Sam. He is going to go back to camp and make deadfalls for chipmunks. He hasn't had any protein yet and he needs it. He's not getting enough food and he feeling very low. He doesn't want to leave, but he has to eat.

Day 8. Jesse. He shot a grouse out of a tree and now he has food. He's talking to himself. He's preparing the grouse for cooking and showing the audience the parts. Grouse is cooking and he's eating a leg. Tastes like chicken. He feels so much better now that he has food. He's in good shape.

day 9, Nicole. It's raining. she's collecting bark to put shingles around her shelter. cutting the bark, you can tell she's having a hard time with her MS symptoms. They're really bad and she is taking a rest for a minute to get herself under control. She's going to power through, go give her body the rest it needs and then come back. She's really weak. Her legs are collapsing and she's using a stick to walk.

If she was at home, she would have all her herbs to help her, but she doesn't have what she needs. She's crying. she's going to eat and drink. She doesn't want to give up, but if she can't walk, she can't be safe out there. She falls. She doesn't wnt to go home. she can't be out there and not be walking. she's really upset. She's tapping. She has no choice. Her legs aren't functioning.

"I can't believe I have to tap." - Nicole.

She can't move her legs, so she has to be taken out on a spine board. Her body just completely gave in on her. But you have to try your hardest, and I can say I tried my hardest. - Nicole.

Sam. He's starving. He hasn't eaten in 8 days. He's going to chekc his traps. No luck so far. One of his traps went off, so he's checking it. He's exciited. He got a bird.

Day 9, Sam. He's very happy to get a bird. It's small, but there's meat. He's plucking the bird instead of skinning it. He's going to make a stew with it. "every ounce of food from the land is like a crazy blessing" Sam.


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Alone Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Damn. It's hard to eat snake. Tastes good. Got a lot of bones.


If I let my dip into the despair that my body is feeling, then I'm done, and I can't let myself go there.