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The Alphas face an Alpha named Matthew who can control the pheromone levels of everyone around him, launching them into uncontrollable violence.

The Alphas are soon put under the effects of it and get into a violent fight with Don and his men. One of Don’s agents eventually beats him to death with a chair before the effects wear off.

The Alphas are able to capture Matthew and he’s sent to Binghamton.

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Alphas Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Gary: Give me the gun I'll shoot it.
Bill: Gary, I'm not giving you my gun.
Gary: Yeah, give me your-no, you're right. Give me a grenade.

Bill: Hicks you have got to be kidding me.
Cameron: What?
Bill: You leave a crime scene to go get a cup of coffee?
Cameron: You know I would have brought you a donut but they ran out.