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The Alphas find a home where some members of Red Flag, an organization trying to find for Alpha acceptance through violence and intimidation, are hiding out. Two of them escape to continue their mission while Anna is left behind.

Gary and Anna are able to communicate with each other and she offer to help Gary find the escaped Red Flag members. She leads Bill and Cameron to a gas tanker truck that the other members are going to use to blow up a drug company that can cure genetic defects that Alphas have.

Except Anna leads them to the wrong truck. As it turns out she’s the founding member of Red Flag. She overwhelms Gary but not before he can lead Cameron and Bill in the right direction.

Cameron and Bill find the two escapees but not before they can fully stop the truck from exploding. Gary wakes up and Anna has escaped.

The episode ends with Rosen explaining to his agency contact that Red Flag has many more members then they thought, it’s not a few vocal people, it’s a movement happening all over the country.

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Alphas Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You sound like the lady on my voicemail.


Nina: Hey Gary, you working in there?
Gary: No, I'm talking to Anna about myself. She thinks that I'm amazing.
Nina: I do too, Gary. Just get back to work, okay?