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As a young boy, Gianni Versace decides he wants to be a fashion designer. And he gets support and help from his mother. 

In 1980 San Diego, the Cunanan's move into a fancy neighborhood and Modesto Cunanan fawns over his youngest son Andrew, giving him the master bedroom in the home. 

Modesto gets a job at Merrill Lynch, while Andrew gets into a prestigious school. 

In high school, Andrew looks to stand out from the crowd. He is carrying on an affair with an older man and tries to get him to go public with their relationship. 

Meanwhile, Modesto has a warrant out for his arrest for trading nonexistent stock. He is able to get out of the country and return home to Manila before the FBI can arrest him. 

Andrew travels to Manila to confront his father about money and the plan that is supposedly in place. Andrew soon realizes that their is no plan or money and the two have a heated exchange. 

Once back in San Diego, Andrew applies for a job at the local pharmacy. 

American Crime Story: Versace
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American Crime Story: Versace Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Teacher: Andrew if you could have one wish, just one wish, what would it be?
Andrew: To be special.

Success only comes with hard work.

Franca [to Gianni]