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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 8, Aliyah and her church are organizing a peaceful protest to get Carter's case examined. As the group grows larger and larger, the group is at first nervous about where they are going to put everyone and how they are going to accommodate everyone's needs. When they try to go get a permit for their protest, they're met with resistance and are told they can do their protest in a park which is far away from the police station and outside of Modesto. The group doesn't listen and they plan their protest in the streets of Modesto.

Meanwhile, Barb is determined to get people are her side and have a counter protest, but she's met with some terrible people who are bigots and racists. Barb doesn't feel like she identifies with these people, but when she's talking with Nancy she comes to the realization she is in fact racist, but she doesn't want to be one. Nancy convinces her not to protest with these people because it will make her and the case look bad, but also because they are people who are sick. Nancy tells her that standing there by herself will speak volumes. 

At the protest, Aliyah's group is peacefully marching the streets asking for justice for Carter. While they are marching, the other bigoted groups are yelling racist remarks at them and when the tensions get high a gun shot goes off and the police go after everyone. 


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