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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 1, we are introduced to the character Russ Skokie who gets a phone call in the middle of the night asking him to come to Modesto and ID a body which could possibly be his son.

When he gets to the hospital he makes a positive identification of his son Matt and is distraught with grief. The only information the police have is a Hispanic man has been spotted around the apartment and they had an ID on the car and were looking for it. Russ's ex wife Barb, whom he's estranged from, shows up and wants the cops to get on the case and work harder. Barb is positive the person who killed her son is some illegal and she makes various racist remarks throughout the episode. 

While the police are investigating we are introduced to Alonzo and his son Tony who own a body shop. Tony is brought into the police station after the car he's driving in is the same car which was at the murder. At the station Tony doesn't know what is going on but the police manipulate him to talk and when his father shows up he tells them he was renting out the car to various people including a man named Hector. 

Hector is caught in a store and while he is trying to run away from the cops he's shot in the leg. At the hospital he tells the police he had nothing to do with the murder and was given the stolen credit cards by a man named Carter who was after a drug dealer who owed him money. The police go on the tip and find Carter and his girlfriend Aubry holed up in their apartment and they take him in as the main murder suspect. 

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