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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 10, Aubry maintains she is the one who killed Matt and when brought into prison she demands to get a psych evaluation. While getting the evaluation, Aubry maintains she was sexually abused during throughout her childhood and through her teenage years, but the doctor doesn't fall for her story. The doctor is convinced Aubry lives in a fantasy world where she believes the lies she is telling and has been medicating herself with drugs to ignore the real truths in her life. When the doctor tells Aubry all of this, she still maintains her stories. Later on, when the evaluation comes through, the doctor says Aubry is able to stand trial, but she will need further testing. Aubry's father gets angry and tries to fight with Aubry about how she was able, in the past, to convince other doctor's of her being crazy but she couldn't do it this time. When Aubry is brought into court, in front of a judge, she pleads guilty.

Carter is released from prison thanks to some prodding from Aliyah. 

Alonzo finally tells Tony he sold he business so they can get him a better lawyer, which they thankfully do. The lawyer arranges for them to be seen in family court because they are more lenient, but they need to get character witnesses for Tony. Alonzo tries to find people but comes up empty until he talks to his brother and daughter. They both decide to talk for Tony and when Jenny takes the stand she admits that what Tony did was partly her fault because Tony has always wanted to protect her. She admits the boy Tony beat up actually beat her up first and Tony was doing what he thought he should do. The judge sides with the family and Tony is released. 

American Crime
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