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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 3, the article about the sexual assault on Taylor makes its debut online and Anne is not pleased. Anne wanted more information about the assault to be included, but the reporter informs her since Anne didn't want Taylor's name published she had to write a very condensed article. 

Unfortunately for Kevin, his name is released in the article since he is of legal age. Terri and Michael take him out of school and demand he tell them what happened. He admits there was drugs, alcohol and sex at the party but he didn't have anything to do with the sexual assault. Terri and Michael send Kevin to his room while they talk to a friend who works at the police station. Their friend confirms a sexual assault did happen, but it happened on a male at the party. Terri cannot wrap her mind around a boy getting raped, but Michael gets angry and demands answers from Kevin who claims he knows nothing. 

In the end, one of the detectives comes to the school and Terri continues to deny anything happened until he reveals the results came back from Taylor's rape kit and he can now confirm a sexual assault did take place. He demands the police have access to all the basketball players so they can administer a DNA test to find out who is responsible.

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Here's the notice of his suspension, we don't play favorites. Every student is teated equally. I understand Ms. Blaine may feel otherwise, but we've done all that we can.


No one was singled out.