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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 4, Leslie informed Dan about what the detectives found when investigating the assault on Taylor. At first Dan doesn't want to believe anything Leslie is saying, but she makes him go and talk to the basketball team.

Dan decides to confront all the guys as a team and gets angry with them for not telling the truth about the party. Dan tries to scare them into revealing the truth by telling them the police are going to start taking DNA samples and there will be arrests being made. The guys all get defensive and start point the finger at each other which only leads to them fighting. Eric is sitting on the sidelines watching and getting nervous as more of the guys start to fight.

Meanwhile, Eric feels like his back is up against the wall, but he's not willing to share what really happened at the party. Instead he tries to take his own life, but thankfully he's rushed to the hospital in time to get his stomach pumped. He finally comes clean about what happened and reveals it was all consensual between him and Taylor. Eric is even able to provide emails and texts proving Taylor wanted to meet up and have sex. 

The statement is given to the police and the detective takes the information to Anne. Anne is at first shocked and thinks everyone is lying until she's given the copies of the texts and emails. She immediately goes home to confront Taylor and he doesn't completely deny he wasn't talking to Eric. He's still unable to provide information about what happened at the party.

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American Crime Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

They lied to you. This is the truth.


I warned you something happened, but you were so certain.