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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 7, Taylor continued to spiral completely out of control after Anne's medical records were released. Taylor's new boyfriend tries to get him to talk things out, but Taylor avoids him and instead reaches out to Becca for drugs. 

Becca comes by and sells him some pain medication to help with the pain he's feeling, but when he asks her to stick around she leaves. Taylor, alone with his thoughts, tries to write down his emotions on paper, but isn't able to keep his emotions straight. Instead he heads to Nancy's house and acts odd around her. Taylor asks to use the bathroom, but instead heads into Nancy and Nate's bedroom and gets the gun they leave in their dresser.

Taylor heads out of the house without saying goodbye to Nancy and starts shooting at a tree in the woods. The drugs in Taylor's system start to take control and he decides to write down the names of the people he feels are responsible for what he's going through and heads to Leyland. At the school Taylor has to wait for Leslie to get back, but is comforted by Grace. She tells Taylor he got a bad rap and there are a lot of people who are on his side at this school.

Upon hearing this Taylor goes to leave and watch the dancers practice and he eventually decides to leave the school. Unfortunately Taylor is confronted by Wes who threatens to kill Taylor if he said anything and keeps calling him vulgar names. Taylor, not in the right state of mind, shoots Wes in the stomach and walks away. 

Taylor arrives at Anne's work just as the news is reporting the shooting and tells her what he did. Anne gets herself composed, gets everyone out of the restaurant and calls the police on Taylor. 

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