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A woman that Kimara works with wants her to get one of her clients to turn on Billy, the pimp who is involved in human trafficking. Kimara approaches Shay. Shay is reluctant. She finds out the trial won't be for nine months and feels that she's just being asked to put her life on hold until they get around to needing her testimony. 

Later, Shay agrees to go to a shelter. She has to sign papers agreeing to a bunch of rules, including staying sober and going to chapel every morning. Shay doesn't want to go to chapel because she's not religious but she's told she has to.

Kimara talks to Abby after an educational meeting in which Abby tries to tell teachers about the warning signs that someone is involved in an abusive situation. Kimara admits that she is burning out and that Shay's insistence that her life is better with her pimp than without him is getting to her. Abby encourages her to keep fighting. Afterwards, Kimara goes to visit an old friend who is married with a college-bound son. She asks him if he will be a sperm  donor so that she can have a baby.

In the fields, Logan is unable to keep up with the other workers and keeps collapsing. He is forced to keep working. Later, his boss is told that he has to demand self-respect and that Logan's behavior isn't helping.

Meanwhile, the other immigrant who is more or less an indentured servant in North Carolina is looking for his son Teo, who disappeared. An African man tells him that Teo talked back to his bosses and was lucky that all they did was send him away rather than beating him. Afterwards, the father's boss tells him that he owes him money and must get in the truck. He tells him that if he calls the cops on him, he will report him for hiring and abusing undocumented workers and walks away.

Jeannette finds out there was a fire on one of the farms her family owns. JD and Carson refuse to talk about it and Lori Anne tells her that trying to help will make it look like the owners did something wrong. Jeannette goes to visit the farm anyway. She learns that a large number of undocumented workers live in each trailer and that many were trapped inside because they put chicken wire on the trailer windows to ensure they weren't broken into while they were in the fields.

American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Kimara: You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't commit a crime. You're under the age of consent.
Shae: I'm free to go?
Kimara: There are other girls...
Shae: Let one of them testify. I was begging people for money long before I met Billy. Why you gonna put him in jail for something I was doing anyway?

Look, this kid has been in and out of the system so many times. She's not gonna trust us cops. She's not gonna trust us prosecutors.