On American Crime Season 1 Episode 7, Aubry makes a decision about testifying against Carter. Tony gets arrested for assault. Aliyah fights for Carter.

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When you watch American Crime Season 1 Episode 7, you'll see how far one woman will go to prove her devotion to the man she loves. When the prosectution presses Aubry to testify against Carter because of the mounting charges against her, Aubry agrees to get her family together and make a confession. In the room with her family, Aubry starts talking about being sexually assaulted and passed around from man to man. The prosecution tries to press her to say it was Carter, but she reveals it was her brother Brian who used her for sex and shared her with his friends. Brian gets angry and denies ever touching Aubry while Aubry just sits there in silence. He's finally taken out of the room and Aubry confesses he made the entire story up which proves she isn't mentally stable to testify against Carter. Meanwhile, Tony is arrested for assault and Alonzo is convinced the poilce are targeting him until he sees video of Tony's assault. Alonzo tells Tony he needs to keep his mouth shut until he has his lawyer. Tony confesses to Jenny he beat the guy who hit her to protect Jenny, but Jenny tells him he had no right to do that and he needs to get his head on straight.
Aliyah goes to see Carter and is shocked by the condition he's in. Carter doesn't want to talk about himself and only wants to know if Aubry is OK which Aliyah reluctantly confirms she is. Aliyah gets angry at Carter for only being concerned about Aubry and not about the people who tried to help him out. Carter explains to Aliyah, it was Aubry who was there for him when he tried to kill himself and she's the one who ultimately saved him because he had no one else. Aliyah feels terrible for not being there for Carter and makes a promise she is going to fight for him. She decides she's going to put together a group of people for a peaceful protest and if it turns violent, she has her own plans.

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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 7, Aubry makes a decision about testifying against Carter. Tony is arrested for assault. Aliyah makes fights for Carter.

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