On American Crime Season 2 Episode 6, Leslie, against the advice of the lawyers, makes the decision to bring Eric back even though the students aren't happy.

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When you watch American Crime Season 2 Episode 6 online you'll see how quickly people can be influenced by those around them. Leslie welcomes Eric back to Leyland despite the negative light the lawyers put on the entire thing. Leslie makes matters worse by putting together an assembly and having Eric speak about diversity and how happy he to be back at the school. The students don't take the assembly seriously and it ends up doing more harm for Eric. Leslie continued her crusage to make Eric the face of Leyland, and prove the school is accepting, and put together an interview with a gay reporter. The reporter asks Eric how he feels about representing gay athletes, but Eric gets angry and says he isn't representing anyone. He ends up saying some choice words and the reporters leaves angry. Later at the basketball game, the team members are not sharing the ball with Eric and treating him like he's not part of the team. All the guys decide to go out to eat, without Eric, and Kevin plants some dangerous seeds about going after Taylor because he's to blame for revealing Eric is gay. The teammates visit Eric and convince him to invite Taylor out to a secluded area where they end up jumping him. Want to see all the action for yourself? Go watch American Crime online via TV Fanatic.

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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 6, despite the advice of the lawyers, Leslie decides to bring Eric back to Leyland but some of his teammate are not happy.

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We have shifted the situation from an entire team of boys facing arrest and persecution to just a hysterical mother taking one last stab at civil restitution.


He's your teammate and we have to be ready to welcome Eric back. We have to be leaders. We have to show other people how it's done.